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Scant regard for the safety of roadworkers as man films himself illegally removing temporary traffic management.

Frightening footage emerges of man destroying traffic management and putting roadworkers at risk.

Frightening footage is circulating of a man removing cones and tenporary traffic management, putting the lives of roadworkers at risk in the process.

The man, believed to be a bus driver removed the temporary traffic management from both sides of the carriageway whilst other motorists appear to signal their dismay by hooting their horns.

The video, which first appeared on highlights the inherent risks faced at the hands of motorists by our roadworkers.

Expressing his shock at the incident, Kevin Robinson, programme director of Stamp it Out said,

"Words cannot express the genuine shock and dismay I fell watching the video"

"To blatantly put roadworkers at risk with this reckless behaviour is absolutely disgusting.

"Whilst I understand that at times roadworks can be frustrating, there is absolutely. O excuse for the behaviour of this individual. "

The video has now been passed to the police

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