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R&W lead the charge with the Stamp it Out message appearing on vehicles contracts

Civil engineering company become the first to display Stamp it Out message on vehicles across their contracts.

R&W Civils, which recently became a part of Octavius Infrastructure have become the first organisation to display the Stamp it Out logo across all of it's vehicles which it deploys on worksites.

The civils contractor, who have long been an active supporter of the campaign have become the first to proactively display the Stamp it out logo across its vehicles, in the first instance across its hire fleet whilst it seeks to find a more sustainable long term solution.

Speaking on social media site LinkedIn, James Poole, Contracts manager for R&W said,

"Great to see the first vans rolling out with our #stampitout signage. While we wait for our branded vehicles we’ve had these magnets made so we can keep spreading the message!"

Despite the organisation having its own recent challenges, a steadfast support for the Stamp it Out programme aimed at eliminating workforce abuse is something which should be admired, even in times of adversity, an example to us all, as Kevin Robinson, programme Director reinforced, he said,

" R&W are a great example to us all of what is so amazing about our industry.

"Just weeks ago the future looked bleak for them, and yet, still in times of adversity they, as an organisation have been at the forefront of showing those they put to work on a daily basis that they stand with them and will support them when it comes to the subject of workforce abuse.

"At this moment they don't even have their own vehicles and yet they have proactively gone out and sourced magnetic signs to attach to their fleet.

"I find this truly moving and sincerely hope that the rest of our industry see them as an example to follow."

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