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Birmingham City Council report circa 450 instances of abuse from gangs in the last 3 years

Abuse from gangs reported to be an issue on Birmingham City Council contract

Targeted abuse against roadworkers from gangs is now becoming an issue for Birmingham City Council as the city region takes a front foot approach to abuse.

In the three years since Kier replaced Amey on the PFI contract there have been approximately 450 reports of abuse, one almost every other day.

Much of this has been attributed to two gangs who are seemingly targeting those working on the public highways around the city region.

Across the UK since Covid, there has been a marked increase in the levels of abuse reported against those who work in public facing roles with the Birmingham statistics mirroring national stats.

Yet, alarmingly, the challenges our people face seem to be something which is one which we struggle to tackle.

Levels of abuse effectively have flatlined with a malaise amongst those we put to work accepting that this is simply a part of the job despite 50% of those who work on the public highway admitting that abuse is something they suffer on an almost weekly basis.

Birmingham City Council have put the increase (up from 30% under previous contractor Amey) down to increased works and disruptions being carried out throughout the city.

Commenting on the findings Stamp it Out. project director Kevin Robinson, spoke of his concern and urged a proactive, front foot approach, he said,

"Whilst the star coming out of Birmingham are alarming, they are nothing new.

"They are mirroring the numbers we are seeing per man hours worked across the country.

"Sadly the public see abuse of those working on the public highway as something which is acceptable and indeed will not have any form of recourse.

"This is something which, collaboratively as a supply chain community, alongside incursions, we must find a way to combat and make our workplaces a safer environment for those we put to work.

"This has long been the aim of the Stamp it Out programme and we are grateful for the support we receive from both the clients and contractors in our community."

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