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Sign of 'Road Closed' and 'Business Open As Usual' on a road side.


The Summit

Taking place on 13th June at the House of Lords, Westminster, and commencing at 12.00, the event will be invitation only and designed to empower business leaders to see the abuse of the workforce as an issue which should be a priority for their organisation.
Chaired by Phil Clifton, Managing Director of Balfour Beatty, the event has seen an unprecedented level of support with demand so high that organisers expect the event to become a sellout by the end of the week.

Featuring a series of high level presentations the event will:

  • Explain to business leaders the sheer scale of the levels abuse on sites utilising, for the first time hard and fast reported data.

  • Show how with the deployment of a range of simple initiatives and actions we are able to proactively demonstrate to the road using public that do not tolerate actions which pose a risk to those who work on the public highway.

  • Hear real life experiences from those who work on the public highways and understand the effects that this risk has upon their personal mental health.

  • Empower leaders to commit to supporting the Stamp it Out programme.

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