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The move comes following an increase in the number of incidents reported by operatives of verbal and physical abuse when on site.

Multevo have grown to over 200 multi-skilled frontline operatives working nationwide delivering collaborative supply chain partnerships including highways, civils, traffic management, arboriculture, and vegetation, on behalf of local authorities and tier 1 contractors.

Multevo have committed to end roadworker abuse across all contracts nationwide in conjunction with the ‘Stamp it Out’ campaign. Highlighting the issue and educating the public is an essential part of changing the publics perspective on roadworks and putting a stop to roadworker abuse. As part of their commitment to the health and wellbeing of operatives, Multevo will be rolling out ‘Stamp it Out’ signage across all contracts, visible to the public in a bid to mitigate abuse on site.

In 2022, a total of 298 near misses were reported by Multevo’s operatives across all contracts, with incursions equating for 28.7% of these, closely followed by verbal abuse at 10.6%. When delving deeper into the statistics for 2022, it was highlighted that, staggeringly, 31.5% of near misses reported by Multevo’s traffic management division were down to verbal abuse from members of the public.

Incidences have included operatives threatened with machetes, operatives physically driven into by a vehicle, as well as numerous verbal threats. Multevo believe any type of abuse is unacceptable and each individual has the right to work in a safe environment and are dedicated to doing all they can to ensure frontline staff go to work feeling safe.

This is seen in a number of safety initiatives implemented by the business including rolling out body cameras for all traffic management operatives, trialling remotely controlled solar traffic barriers, and being involved in local police campaigns in conjunction with their clients. The use of their bespoke App also ensures that all incidents are recorded and reported in real-time with pictorial evidence.

Roadworker abuse can have a negative affect on individuals mental health, and with individuals already facing the pressures of the cost-of-living crisis and the recovery following the pandemic, now is the time to put a stop to this.

Jonathan Wood, SHEQ Manager at Multevo comments:

“The figures above prove the gravity of the issues our employees face on a regular basis. Our employees come into work and are passionate about what they do and the company that they work for, I and the company want to ensure their safety and right to work in an environment where they feel safe and are not abused verbally or physically.

We want to express that the public have a large part to play in keeping our workforce safe and treating them with respect. This can be achieved by changing mindsets and perceptions about what we do and why we are doing it. No one expects to encounter threatening or abusive behaviour from a member of the public in the workplace.”

To find out more and sign the Stamp it Out Commitment visit

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