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FM Conway become the latest organisation to sign the Stamp it Out Commitment

FM Conway become the latest organisation to sign the stamp it Out Commitment.

FM Conway, have become the latest organisation to sign the Stamp it Outcommitment as we bid to make abuse of our workforce something which is socially unacceptable.

With workforce abuse becoming a subject which is high on the agenda of many within the supply chain Stamp it Out, the industry wide programme designed to eliminate the blight on our sector, have launched a commitment document which it implores all clients and contractors to support and sign.

Good leaders recognise that effective management of roadworker abuse is a key imperitive in keeping our people safe and well on the public highway.

When it comes to managing the risk we put our people under when they encounter aggression from members of the road using public we need to stand together as an industry and say, as a collective, that enough is enough.

Over 50% of roadworkers admit that they encounter abuse on a weekly basis with 70% saying that this is something which occurs at least once a month.

Speaking about signing the commitment Simon Hawes, Business Development Manager at Centurion said,

By signing the Stamp it Out commitment, you, as a business leader commit to:

  • Ensuring a robust reporting system for the reporting of roadworker abuse in an open and honest way without a fear of recrimination or reprisal amongst your workforce

  • Demonstrate to your workforce that their personal safety is a key priority for your business

  • Deliver effective de-escalation training within the organisation to ensure that when a potential flashpoint situation occurs the workforce have the appropriate soft skills to effectively communicate with the customer.

  • Disseminate the importance to the business of managing the risks posed by abuse to our workforce is conveyed through a published leadership statement which all employees are made aware of. Leading by example is key to the authenticity and power of this statement.

Speaking about the announcement FM Conway signing the Stamp it Out commitment, Project Director, Kevin Robinson said,

“In the two and a half years since we founded the Stamp it Out programme we have made considerable progress.

“But it is now the turn of the Client and supply Chain to help us to drive the programme.

'To see forward thinking organisations such as FM Conway buying into our ethos is something which, as an industry, we should applaud.

“We have developed a reporting tool, designed information board signs which are free to deploy on worksites and are in the process of developing an engaging conflict management training course –now the baton passes to the supply chain and client to adopt them.

"When we see the figures which our own people tell us around the frequency of abuse it is frightening.

“In order that we retain our existing people and make our sector one which is a career of choice to new entrants we must tackle issues such as abuse.”

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