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Delegate registrations for Stamp it Out summit 2024 now open

Delegate registrations now open for high level summit around tackling roadworker abuse.

Delegate registrations for the upcoming Stamp it Out summit are now open.

Taking place on 13th March 2024 at 8 Northumberland Avenue, London, the event will be invitation only and designed to empower business leaders to see the abuse of the workforce as an issue which should be a priority for their organisation.

Stamp it Out is an industry-wide programme, supported by many of the supply chain and client organisations alike.

The programme aims to:

1 . MAKE CHANGE Make it socially unacceptable to abuse those working on the Public Highway,

2. EDUCATE Through the deployment of signage at the entrance to worksites, our partner organisations will demonstrate to the road-using public that, as a collective, we have a zero tolerance attitude to roadworker abuse. We will also develop a robust communications strategy within our industry to break down stigmas around the reporting of abuse. Through physical evidencing that when our people speak up collectively we take action. 3. REPORT Through our simple, easy-to-use open API app and data silo we not only have a front end reporting tool but also a method for connecting organisations own systems currently being used in the industry. ​ By developing a central depository for information we can create a region-by-region and country-wide picture on road worker abuse that will help inform decisions on how it can be eliminated, all in real time.

TRAIN Through our free to access video based training we aim to give organisations the tools to equip the workforce with the skills to de-escalate flashpoints should they find themselves in those types of situations.

Who Should Attend:

  • Managing Directors

  • SHEQ Directors

  • Heads of Highways at Client Organisations

  • Those responsible for putting people to work on the public highway and crucially WHO HAVE A LEVEL OF AUTHORITY TO DRIVE REAL CHANGE.

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