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Cone throwing bus driver identified as Anti-Ulez campaigner Kingsley Hamilton - a trainee driving instructor

Perpetrator of deliberate act which endangered roadworkers identified.

The individual who filmed himself deliberately removing signs and cones from a worksite has been identified as Kingsley Hamilton.

The incident took place on the A240 Reigate road in Surrey.

It is believed that Hamilton was driving the Routmaster bus he owns when the incident happened - the vehicle visible in the background of the still image below

His actions resulted in many hundreds of pounds of equipment from both the traffic management company and the supplier of the temporary traffic lights - in this case SRL being carelessly thrown to the side of the road and undoubtably damaged.

Such has been the distain from not only the traffic management community but also members of the public that since the story was published many individuals have come forward to name and shame the perpetrator of the offence.

Kingsley, of Wallington, south London, runs the Facebook group Action Against Unfair Ulez, which has 47,000 followers. 

In August 2023 Kingsley, who claimed he used to work for TfL before joining a private coach company appeared in court charged with damaging TfL cameras but the charges were dropped when a key witness claimed the suspect looked different and appeared to be wearing a balaclava.

He regularly attends anti-Ulez protests across London and the Home Counties where he is known for carrying a coffin labelled “democracy”.

The dad stood in the recent Uxbridge and South Ruislip by-election, however only managed a meagre 208 votes, only 19 more than joke candidate Count Binface.

On his pre-election website Mr Hamilton portrays himself as a model pillar of society with a paragraph reading:

When not working as a bus driver, Kingsley spends much of his free time volunteering for various charities and good causes. He has previously been a volunteer for Radio Lollipop, Great Ormond Street Hospital, and helped to set up Sutton Night Watch a homeless charity. He has helped out on fundraising events for Celeb FC Charity Football, and Homeless but Human. Furthermore, Kingsley provides support to AFC Wimbledon Foundation and is a current volunteer for Dons Local Action Group (a food bank charity).

Many of those contacted by Stamp it Out in relation to the incident have happily shared the individuals details and all information has been passed to the police.

One traffic management operative who contacted us was so disgusted he named and shamed the individual and also sent us details of the scheme - believed to be an SGN job which was made safe as works were being carried out at night.

It has also come to light that Mr Hamilton is a trainee driving instructor - something which given his behaviour was of concern to Stamp it Out Programme Director, Kevin Robinson, a father of two who said that under no circumstances would he trust this man in a car with his children, he explained,

"As parents, we all want to ensure the wellbeing of our children is our utmost priority.

"For me one of my biggest fears is the time when my children learn to drive and the skills instilled in them by their instructor to behave in a safe manner towards other road users and cyclists and pedestrians.

"The thought that this individual could be entrusted with the safety and wellbeing of not only my own children but also other motorists truly concerns me given his recent behaviour.

"I, for one would not allow this individual to teach my children to drive and would suggest his behaviour means he has little or no concept of duty of care."

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