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There are many thousands at work every day out on our public highways providing a vital service allow us as public road users to move around freely and safely.

Yet we continue to see increasing numbers of threats both verbally and physically against those that work on our highways across the United Kingdom.

Tragically 5 people die every day on our roads as a result of vehicle crashes, so it remains one of the most dangerous environments to work in across our country. Fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters, these are the real people that work on our streets and road networks every day and should not be treated in any other way than respect for the dangerous work they undertake.

This abuse needs to end.

Safer Highways is calling on you to please join with us to support this campaign. 

Why Stamp it Out?

Road worker abuse is a growing problem on both the local and strategic road networks in the UK, affecting the physical and mental health and wellbeing of road workers on an alarmingly regular basis.

Past incidents have been so severe, they have involved knives, shotguns and crossbows being pulled on workers as they go about their daily tasks. 

Stamp it Out believe this is wholly unacceptable and wants to see abuse of all kinds whether verbal or physical, eliminated completely on all road networks and indeed on the wider transport networks. 

“We have thousands of our people working every day on the Public Highway and their vital service should never be underestimated. Suffering physical or psychological abuse when undertaking this dangerous work is totally unacceptable and we absolutely must Stamp It Out”

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- Karl Simons, Chief Health, Safety & Wellbeing Officer, Thames Water

Our Taskforce

Karl Simons

Chief Health, Safety & Wellbeing Officer, Thames Water

A passionate and innovative leader with over 30 years experience in industry that holds a senior management position with direct responsibility for health, safety & Security. Highly motivated and self-directed, with strong leadership skills, presently supporting a business with in excess of 15,000 people in the Water Industry.

My experience spans from having worked on all 5 continents in the on & offshore oil and gas, minerals, rail, roads, construction and manufacturing industries.

Profile photo of Kari Spostanova
Kari Spostanova

Health, Safety, Environment and Sustainability Director, Balfour Beatty

Experienced Health and Safety Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the construction industry.Strong operations professional skilled in Project management, Stakeholder engagement, Workplace Safety,Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems. 

Profile photo of Rachel Heaps
Rachel Heaps

Business Management Systems Manager, Tarmac

Rachel develops the integrated management system for Tarmac Construction with responsibility for health and safety, energy, environmental, quality, collaborative business relationship and NHSS certification across nine national businesses in the highways, civils, and rail sectors. She led the businesses' migrations to ISO 45001, amongst others, and has a passion for business improvement and process engineering. Rachel's focus is on enabling site teams to deliver world class service and she is committed to making a lasting, positive contribution for local communities. 

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