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‘Stamp it Out’ is a national campaign which aims to improve the lives of thousands of frontline workers and believes any worker suffering physical or psychological abuse when undertaking this dangerous work is totally unacceptable.

Yet we continue to see increasing numbers of threats both verbally and physically against those that work on our highways across the United Kingdom.

To put it simply this abuse needs to end. Contractors and clients are calling on the industry join with us to support this campaign. We want to eradicate abuse of roadworkers by making such acts socially unacceptable.




Over 80% of roadworkers admit they do not report abuse because they feel nothing will be done. 

Over 80% of roadworkers admit they are abused on a weekly basis.

Over 70% of roadworkers admit they are abused at least once a month.


Road worker abuse is a growing problem on both the local and strategic road networks in the UK, affecting the physical and mental health and wellbeing of road workers on an alarmingly regular basis.

Incidents are becoming increasingly severe, involving knives, shotguns and crossbows being pulled on workers as they go about their daily tasks. 

Stamp it Out believe this is wholly unacceptable and wants to see abuse of all kinds whether verbal or physical, eliminated completely on all road networks and indeed on the wider transport networks. 


Our vision is a United Kingdom where all those working on the public highway are treated with the respect deserved of those operating in such challenging and dangerous conditions every day.

Why SIO?


The programme aims to:


Through our simple, easy-to-use open API app and data silo we not only have a front end reporting tool but also a method for connecting  organisations own systems currently being used in the industry.


By developing a central depository for information we can  create a region-by-region and country-wide picture on road worker abuse that will help inform decisions on how it can be eliminated, all in real time.


Through the deployment of signage at the entrance to worksites, our partner organisations will demonstrate to the road-using public that, as a collective, we have a zero tolerance attitude to roadworker abuse.

We are developing a robust communications strategy within our industry to break down stigmas around the reporting of abuse. Through physical evidencing that when our people speak up collectively we take action.


Through a robust communications strategy to change the  public’s perception of our road workers through a series of specifically targeted media campaigns.

This will involve internal campaigns within regions and organisations, as well as engagement with external media sources.


Make it socially unacceptable to abuse those working on the Public Highway.



With roadworker abuse becoming a subject which is high on the agenda of many within the supply chain Stamp it Out, the industry wide programme designed to eliminate the blight on our sector, have launched a commitment document which it implores all clients and contractors to support and sign.

Good leaders recognise that effective management of roadworker abuse is a key imperitive in keeping our people safe and well on the public highway.

When it comes to managing the risk we put our people under when they encounter aggression from members of the road using public we need to stand together as an industry and say, as a collective, that enough is enough.

Over 50% of roadworkers admit that they encounter abuse on a weekly basis with 70% saying that this is something which occurs at least once a month.

As effective leaders in our sector you will…
  • manage business risk effectively through strong values because it’s the right thing to do;

  • prioritise the safety of your people;

  • ensure that when your people are exposed to risk of abuse you empower them to speak up;

  • demonstrate to your workforce that you will not tolerate the abuse they find themselves exposed to on a daily basis.

  • importantly they demonstrate that leadership clearly in all engagement with their employees, through all the statements they make and all the actions they take.

  • ensure that managing roadworker abuse is on the agenda at regular scheduled board meetings with regular reporting of costs which they build into a series of KPIs for people at all levels of the business.

By signing the Stamp it Out commitment, you, as a business leader commit to:
  • ensuring a robust reporting system for the reporting of roadworker abuse in an open and honest way without a fear of recrimination or reprisal amongst your workforce.

  • demonstrate to your workforce that their personal safety is a key priority for your business.

  • deliver effective de-escalation training within the organisation to ensure that when a potential flashpoint situation occurs the workforce have the appropriate soft skills to effectively communicate with the customer.

  • disseminate the importance to the business of managing the risks posed by abuse to our workforce is conveyed through a published leadership statement which all employees are made aware of. Leading by example is key to the authenticity and power of this statement.

Sign the Commitment

By Signing the Stamp it Out commitment you agree to the programme using your company to promote messages and engagement across the supply chain and to disseminate those messages internally to your own workforce and proactively encourage the reporting of abuse whether large or small.


Thank you for singing the commitment.

Sign Form


Taking place on 13th March 2024 at 8 Northumberland Avenue London, WC2N 5BY and commencing at 12.00, the event will be invitation only and designed to empower business leaders to see the abuse of the workforce as an issue which should be a priority for their organisation.
The Summit

Featuring a series of high level presentations the event will:

  • Explain to business leaders the sheer scale of the levels abuse on sites utilising, for the first time hard and fast reported data.

  • Show how with the deployment of a range of simple initiatives and actions we are able to proactively demonstrate to the road using public that do not tolerate actions which pose a risk to those who work on the public highway.

  • Hear real life experiences from those who work on the public highways and understand the effects that this risk has upon their personal mental health.

  • Empower leaders to commit to supporting the Stamp it Out programme.


Here you will find useful resources from the Stamp it Out Campaign.

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